Did you know that with few people practicing sex therapy, thousands of people with sexual problems go without the help they need? Sex therapists help men, women, and couples find optimal sexual health and satisfaction. If you become a sex therapist, you will work with all kinds of problems, from helping couples enjoy sex to understanding one’s gender. Sex therapists also help women who have pain with intercourse.  They help people recover their sexuality after cancer.  Often sex therapists help couples that have mismatched desire.

Here are five reasons to learn sex therapy that may surprise you:
1. Though the population is aging, people want to stay sexually active. Sometimes that means a person may need to change how they have sex. And since people don’t talk about sexual problems, they need a safe, comfortable place where they can sit with you and learn how to have good sex for a lifetime.
2. More people are openly exploring their sexual interests. Call it the “50 Shades of Grey” phenomenon. Sometimes, though, people are confused or uncomfortable with their own sexuality. With the right training, you can help them make their sexuality healthy, consensual, and enjoyable. You can also help them learn to communicate with a partner about sex.
3. Women are taking more ownership of their bodies. But, they don’t automatically know how to enjoy sex. Through sex therapy, they can better understand their sexual anatomy. They can learn how to have an orgasm and talk to a partner about what they need. As a sex therapist, you can help women claim their right to sexual pleasure
4. Sexual health is a big part of a person’s mental health. When a person has good sexual health, they are more likely to form a loving relationship. You can help people of all kinds enjoy better mental and relationship health if you can do sex therapy.
5. Imagine being a top athlete and business success. Now imagine you have an embarrassing sexual problem like premature ejaculation. Maybe it’s gotten so bad that your relationship is falling apart. Now imagine being the person that he trusts the most because you can help him in the one area of his life that matters most, his love relationship. It is no small thing to help people with their sexual health.

Sex is not rocket science. You can learn sex therapy with the right program. The Buehler Institute specializes in sex therapy training with two programs. One is a 75-hour program that is completely online. The other is a 150-hour blended learning program that provides 105 hours of online sex therapy education, plus 45 hours over two weekends in Newport Beach, CA.

The Buehler Institute is approved by the American Psychological Association to provide continuing education. It is also approved by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT). AASECT is the largest certifying body of sex therapists in the U.S. The Buehler Institute programs fulfill the educational requirements for continuing education; see the AASECT website for additional requirements.

My mission is to every therapist become comfortable with the topic of sexuality, which is why I wrote What Every Mental Health Professional Needs to Know about Sex. Read it today to learn even more surprising reasons to learn sex therapy in 2018.