What Every Mental Health Professional Needs to Know about Sex is a unique book because it is written by a single author, making it easier to grasp and understand important concepts in human sexuality and sex therapy.  The book begins with a discussion of human sexuality and the sexuality of the therapist.  I then continue to describe…

  • Human sexual development and anatomy
  • How to conduct a thorough assessment
  • A description of male, female, and couples sexual problems
  • Sexuality and chronic illness and cancer
  • Sexuality and reproduction, including infertilty, pregnancy, and the post-partum period
  • How to talk to clients who have questions about talking to kids about sex
  • LGBT-related issues
  • Alternative sexual lifestyles
  • Ethics of sex therapy
  • The future of sex therapy

You can order the book from your favorite online bookseller, such as amazon or Barnes & Noble.  If you do read it and find it helpful, please consider leaving a review.