Invite Sex Therapist Dr. Buehler to Speak at Your Next Event

Let Dr. Buehler Help Your Team


Dr. Stephanie Buehler is an in-demand speaker.  She has been invited to conferences around the nation to talk about sex therapy, sexuality, and relationships, including:

Dr. Buehler has appeared on Irish talk radio as a sex therapist; on “Manswers” as a sex expert; on Orange County local news; and quoted in multiple news outlets, including the New York Times, TIME magazine, Esquire, Cosmopolitan, WebMD, and others.

Most recently she collaborated with Scientific American and Worth Publishers to produce a video to accompany their Psychology textbook.  Please view the video here.

Fees vary by event.  Dr. Buehler is always available to speak pro bono, however, to cancer support groups and healthcare providers around Southern California.

To request Dr. Stephanie Buehler at your next event, please email