Exploring LGBT Related Issues

Treatment for LGBT and “questioning” individuals and couples

I am no stranger to the issues that come up for our LGBT clients. , and have solid experience helping LGBT clients with their sex lives.  Issues that come up are similar to those experienced by hetero couples, but different because of the individual and social experiences associated with coming out, acceptance, and sometimes, the resulting development of depression, anxiety, or substance abuse.  I accept other lifestyle choices and am nonjudgmental about sexual practices. You can talk to me.

I am aware of differences in lifestyle, in political climate, in sexual behaviors.  I practice gay-afirmative therapy, and  would like to help. I know that partners may differ in their experiences, both in and out of the bedroom, and that these experiences may affect their ability to express themselves fully, emotionally as well as physically.

I also work with people who are “gender queer” or “questioning,” people whose orientation or gender doesn’t fit the mold.  I can sort through the confusion and help you resolve this aspect of your life so that you are happier with yourself.


Transgender Clients


I follow the WPATH guidelines for transitioning MTF and FTM.  If you are seeking assistance for hormone treatment or surgery, I require a minimum three month commitment to treatment before I will provide a letter.  The three month commitment does not guarantee that a letter will be produced at that time; I may recommend more treatment in complicated cases.  An example of a complicated case might be when there is a marriage and family involved, or if there has been a history of mental illness such as bipolar disorder.  Hormones have a powerful effect on behavior and thinking that cannot be underestimated.  And while the support of family, friends, and co-workers isn’t required, it can be beneficial; I can help with communication and accommodation in various settings.  While I support transgender people in their desire for change, I want to do so in a way that ensures a smooth transition.


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