Erectile Dysfunction

Eliminating Erectile Dysfunction you a man who doesn’t care to or can’t use medication erectile dysfunction? You can get help from us. You’ll get lots of information and guidance on how to maintain an erection or last longer for more enjoyable sex. (Dr. Buehler worked with Marines—she’s pretty good at making men feel comfortable in therapy!) If you are able to use medication, though, and are not getting the results you want, there may be an underlying sexual concern that needs to be addressed.

There is plenty of research that demonstrates that men who both use medication and receive sexual counseling or therapy have a higher rate of satisfaction and success than men who use medication alone. Something you’ll never hear on TV, the same media that brings you pharmaceutical advertising: The most recent research from a group of scientists in Brazil even suggests that counseling without medication is better than medication and counseling.

Erectile function can develop for many reasons. One common reason that we currently see is the use of pornography. A man can become very proficient at learning to please himself and lose interest in having sex with a partner. The partner eventually figures out something is wrong and, excuse us, all hell breaks loose. The solution seems easy–stop looking at pornography–but sometimes regaining sexual function with one’s partner is easier said than done.

Unrecognized relationship problems are also often at the root of problems with erection. These can range from ambivalence about the relationship to holding in old hurts. A bit of exploration can often unearth this type of problem and give the man his potency back–in more ways than one.

Age is another reason a man may have more difficulty with erections. Men sometimes see themselves as “sex machines,” able to perform on a moment’s notice. However, men’s needs may change as they age. Their partner may not be as visually stimulating and love-making may have grown dull. Learning some new techniques can often help with this kind of problem.

Some things you can try on your own include:

  • Taking stock of what turns you on and turns you off, and communicating that to your partner.
  • Do what you can to minimize or cope better with stress, especially at work and in your relationship.
  • Talk to your doctor if you take any medications; many medications, especially antidepressants, have sexual side effects.

Whatever the concern, if you have tried self-help without success, give us a call. We have men just like you calling us every day–men that can figure out most things on their own, but are just too close to the situation to figure out what to do with a problem like this. Call Dr. Buehler directly at 800-769-0342.