Maybe you've stumbled on this post because you are looking for an herbal substitute or supplement to take like Viagra(TM).  Perhaps you're desperate to find a pill that will eliminate your anxiety about erections and give you confidence that you'll be able to perform the next time you're with your partner.  You might be a younger man, maybe 40, or 30, or even 20, too embarrassed to go to the doctor and admit that you're having problems in the sack, problems you're pretty sure originate in your head.

I have good news, and bad news.  First, the bad news:  There aren't any good, reliable herbal supplements for erectile dysfunction (ED).  Now, the good news:  Sex therapy is a good, reliable treatment to help what ails you. 

Sex therapy is especially good, all by itself, at helping younger men experience less worry, better confidence, and more pleasurable sex.  No prescription required.  Confidential and discreet.  You can have better erections and better sex, perhaps waiting a few decades before you experience the kinds of medical problems that older men have and that truly benefit from medication.

In my private practice, I see many men who come in because they know in their heart that it isn't a pill that they need.  They need to figure themselves out.  Sometimes they are very harsh with themselves in other areas of their life.  They expect too much of themselves.  Sometimes they are overly involved in pleasing their partner, to the point that they lose touch with their own ability to experience pleasure.

Older men, too, who use such medications and have only partial success can benefit from sex therapy.  Whether or not they have a regular partner, they can learn how to be both relaxed and turned on, how to identify what they most want for themselves from sexual experiences, and how to communicate it to their partner without feeling ashamed of their needs.

Sex therapy is the truly natural remedy for erectile dysfunction.  Yes, it requires a financial investment.  But those medications aren't cheap–and they don't come with any instructions on how to put your mind at ease, or have better sex.  Why not invest in yourself, in your sex life, in a part of your life that can give you such pleasure?  Why not see a sex therapist today?

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