Ah, yes, it’s holiday time and you’re staying with your in-laws.  It’s bad enough that the last three weekends you–and the kids, if you have them–have been dragging around to parties, malls, exchanges, and more.  You’re already wondering, Will we ever have sex again?  And now, it’s a visit at Bob and Marlene’s.  Awkward.  As you ponder your in-laws you wonder, “After they gave birth to my partner, did they ever have sex again?”

Here are five ideas to help you to prevent another weekend passing without any sex.

  1. Set your alarm for 4 a.m.  Yes, it’s really damn early, but after you enjoy your tryst, you can relax into a good snooze, round two.
  2. Find a way to sneak into the shower together.  If everybody’s busy and distracted, they might not notice.  Even if they do, you can just say you “tag teamed” after each other.
  3. Beg off with exhaustion just as everyone is settling in with popcorn and a copy of “Elf.”  Claim jet lag, even if you only drove two hours.  Or that you’re fighting off the cold, even if you just got over one last week.  Then get into bed and have it.
  4. Ask the in-laws to take the kids to the movies so you can have the house to yourselves for a couple of hours to wrap last minute gifts.  Have sex, then wrap a few gifts at warp speed.
  5. Get a room.  Really.  If it’s that difficult to connect at the in-laws’ house, maybe it’s time to dip into the bank and treat yourselves to a hotel room suite.

If all else fails, line up something fun to do the first weekend after New Year’s and make the effort to reconnect while you reminisce over the antics you tried to get time alone together.