Sex Therapy

Intimacy…in & out of the bedroom

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Sex Therapy

Dr. Stephanie Buehler is recognized around the world as a master therapist. As the author of a bestselling textbook, she is up to date on evidence-based, effective treatment for all types of sexual concerns.


Continuing Education

Innovative programs to meet AASECT certification requirements, all AASECT, APA, and California BRN approved.  An e-learning program and blended program are both available–join today, start learning right away.



Sex therapy is also relationship therapy.  Single, dating, married, recently divorced–you can have a healthier intimate relationship.


Books & Speaking

Dr. Buehler is the author of What Every Mental Health Professional Needs to Know about Sex and an upcoming book, Counseling Couples Before, During, and After Pregnancy.  She has spoken internationally and locally.  Contact her to learn more.




Judgment Free.

Psychologist Specializing in Sexuality & Relationships

Dr. Buehler is a graduate of UCLA, USC, Pepperdine, and Alliant.  She trained in a variety of settings, including UCI, MCAS El Toro, and Rady’s Children’s Hospital.  Dr. Buehler is specialized in helping women overcome painful sex, sexuality after cancer, and sex problems during infertility treatment and postpartum.

Dr. Buehler's Writings

Dr. Buehler has written books about sexuality and sex therapy, but has also been invited by major publishers to contribute journal and encyclopedia articles and book chapters about her work.

All Are Welcome

My practice is inclusive.  Having grown up in Los Angeles, CA I am familiar with people from most every part of the world and every major religion.  However you identify your gender or orientation, you are very welcome to my practice.

Learn Sex Therapy

The Buehler Institute is an approved provider of continuing education for psychotherapists. Dr. Buehler also supervises therapists who are seeking AASECT certification.

Reconnect with your partner.

You deserve a happier, more intimate relationship.

What Happens in Sex Therapy?

I approach each person and every couple as being unique.  I want to learn all about you, and work together with you to find solutions.  What people say most often about their work with me is first, they learned so much about themselves, and second, that they found therapy with me to be effective.  (“One session with you is like two sessions with the first therapist we saw!”).  I often assign homework of all different kinds, from journaling to touching activities, reading books to trying new behaviors.  I encourage people to come to therapy weekly or biweekly in order to make the best progress.  

One thing you should know about me:  I was invited to locate my practice at a Hoag clinic, and I grabbed the opportunity.  I believe in a mind-body approach to most sexual difficulties, and we have a yoga and meditation teacher, dietitian, Pilates instructor and massage therapist who may also be helpful to you.  

I intentionally keep my practice small so that I can give each client the best of me.  I also personally speak to everyone on the phone to find out whether my practice is the right fit for you.  Call me today at 800-769-0342. 


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